The Game Changers

“I’m too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is greener.” – Unknown

Manipulators: the game changers in our lives. They lie, cheat, scheme, use, and abuse any and everyone that could threaten their perfectly constructed lives. Their lives are far from perfect though. They want us to believe they live a life full of happiness where only certain people are allowed in their circle and the rest of us are just allowed to watch.

They fill social media with pictures, comments, and posts about their so-called “full” lives. Manipulators don’t always seem to realize that the rest of us don’t care to participate in their truly empty world.

When we try to be friends with manipulators it usually doesn’t work out to our advantage. Most of the time we get in fights with these people because they are one-sided and believe they are always right. They think they always win, but they don’t.

We cannot allow people like this to bulldoze into our lives and take control. They are the ones who destroy nice things for us. Let all the manipulators befriend each other. The rest of us want real friendships with people who care instead of people who share their fake lives all over the Internet and act as if they aren’t doing it for the attention.

Not everyone is like this, but I have run into a handful of manipulators. They would never think for a second to describe themselves as this, but rather the opposite. They always believe they give everyone everything, are always there for their “friends,” but are actually immature beyond belief.

They expect us to give them everything and give us negativity in return. We are used until they can’t use us anymore. They lie and cheat to get their way even though they will never realize it.

But you know what? I’m glad I have them in my life. I’ve learned a lot of lessons from them. One of the most important ones being there is a reason the people we lose in our lives are called LOSErs.

Instead of worrying about the manipulators we need to focus on ourselves and remember that these people are causing more harm than good. We need to work on making our own grass greener instead of watering theirs.

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