“You know what they say about hope. It breeds eternal misery.” – Sara Shepard

Instead of hoping for things to work out, we should make sure they do. Instead of hoping for better days, we should make them. Instead of hoping for something life-changing to happen, we should take action. I hope I…I hope one day…I hope this happens…I hope…I hope…I hope…

All we do is hope and it’s not something to live by. If we want things in our life to change we need to make sure we are the ones doing the changing. Hope is a beautiful thing, but it can’t work overtime to change what we don’t like in our lives.

If we depend on hope we will not be happy. We will fall deeper and deeper into misery waiting for it to work its magic. But hope isn’t magic – it’s a virtue. Instead of hoping for the best we should know we are going to have the best, and if we don’t, we try again. We can’t depend on hope. We have to depend on ourselves.

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