“Don’t get to the finish line and quit. Finish strong.” – Jillian Michaels

Hard work, dedication, consistency, and commitment get us results in anything we do. Whether it’s reaching our educational, work, or fitness goals these things are crucial. The road before the finish line is tough. There are obstacles along the way as well as sadness, pain, confusion, anxiety, and the list goes on. We worry about what awaits us at the finish line because sometimes we can’t see what’s waiting there for us just yet. Or sometimes we can and the race just doesn’t feel like it’s worth it anymore. We need to remember to work hard, stay dedicated, keep going, and stick with it. If we don’t there’s no chance we’re reaching that finish line.

We need to realize that all the work is worth it and we aren’t just doing all of it for nothing. If we really feel like the work isn’t worth it then we may need to reevaluate our end goals or our destination. Take college, for example. I have worked incredibly hard over the last 4 years to ensure I graduate on time and with good grades. This spring I will be walking across that stage and moving my tassel with the graduating Class of 2016. I am finally reaching the finish line, and the feeling is incredible.

But – of course, there’s a “but” – the work is not over yet. I may be close to the finish line, but I’m not there yet. This does not mean it’s time to let “Senioritis” take over (even though it sort of has…have to be truthful here!) I still have to remain dedicated and work hard in order to get across that stage.

Once we are closer to the finish line we may not worry as much as we did when we started. This is for all of you beginners who just started the race: keep going. We all promise it gets better eventually. When I started college I thought it would never end. I did not want to believe that I would graduate in 4 years, especially in California. I stressed myself out so much each semester, but managed to follow through with my grades at the end of each term. The constant stress was an obstacle though, and it’s not worth it.

We need to breathe, relax, take a breath, and remember that everything happens for a reason. Everything will work out the way it is supposed to and we have to work hard to make what we want happen. We have to remember that we have to finish this race how we started – strong.

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