Who We Are

“I find the best way to love someone is not to change them, but instead, help them reveal the greatest version of themselves.” – Dr. Steve Maraboli

Instead of focus on changing each other we should try to embrace the things that make us unique and make us who we are. Too often, when we see something we dislike about a person we automatically judge it as a problem and want to fix it. People don’t need to be fixed. Our attitudes do.

We are going to come across people we don’t like and people we just cannot seem to get along with, but it is not our job to judge or fix them. We all have flaws and have no room to judge others. Perfection is unattainable and unreal. If something is perfect it’s probably produced and crafted to look that way – it’s lifeless.

Rather than looking at flaws and things we want to change we can see the good in others. We can pass on positive comments instead of negative ones. Judgments pass more frequently than time does and positive attitudes don’t bloom as often as they should.

We should accept each other for who we are, and if someone else has a problem with that then they do not belong in our lives. Other people should not get to rain on our parade. This is who we are. Let’s embrace it.

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