Time Builds Everything

“Success takes time to build. Don’t wait.” – Rosie Pope

We aren’t built overnight. We take time to grow, develop, and turn into a person we know we will be proud of. It might be hard to accept that we will thrive when we experience tough times or times of doubt. We must keep doing what we need to in order to build our successes as we find ourselves.

Time is a real game player. It matters most in every situation and always seems to sneak its way in. Time heals wounds, makes us anxious and eager, can make situations worse, but it can do something great for us. The positive aspect of time is the amount of it we get. It’s not always much, and may not always seem that way, but we need to make the most of it.

We can create so much out of the people we see in the mirror. We can carefully carve and craft our lives, but we must be patient. It takes time to build greatness and it won’t be built overnight. Everything takes time, and time builds everything even when we feel like it can be ruining our lives. Instead of perceiving time passing as time lost we should perceive it as time gained. Because even though we lost a second, a minute, a month, or a year, we gained experience, knowledge, and the building blocks of our success.

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