Not Just Ordinary

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

Too often we try to be like other people. We try on personalities, attitudes, moods, or different looks until we find a combination we like. This selection is a learning process and a part of the journey of discovering who we are.

It seems that trying to be other people gets us nowhere. It makes us realize that we don’t want to be like those people. It’s when we to try to be like them that we know for sure it’s not who we want to be. We have so many unique qualities that no one else could ever possibly take our places even though some people try so hard to.

They remain this way for a while, and it is clear that the person we see is not really who they are. Instead of wasting all this time trying on different hats or just being a people-pleaser we should embrace who we are. We should try to be more like ourselves. Wilde clearly states everyone else is taken. Why try to be like anyone else but ourselves?

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