“Take me as I am or watch me as I go.” – Unknown

Pain is only temporary. We may only experience it for a short time, but sometimes it feels like the pain will never end. If people don’t accept us for who we are, then we should not try to mold ourselves into something different for their benefit. 

We should venture out into this great big world we live in and always do what is best for us. We should never settle for less, be unhappy, or satisfy other people. It is not our job to be people-pleasers, and it is definitely not our job to make sure we meet the acceptance standards of other people.

All that matters is that we accept ourselves. If other people cannot accept who we are, what we like, or what we choose do then they can easily watch us walk away. We should not tolerate intolerance or allow others to cause us pain from it. We should strive for understanding, love, and acceptance.

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