Drama Queens

“A real woman avoids drama, she knows her time is precious and she’s not wasting it on unimportant things.” – Unknown

Some people waste their time and dedicate their lives to drama. Our time here is precious and we’ll never get it back so we do we spend so much time filling our lives with the dramatic?

We won’t be here forever. That’s a fact. Eventually the body that holds our souls is going to retire. It’s kind of an eerie thought when we really think about it. So instead of allowing the clock to tick away with drama, negativity, hatred, or whatever else is unnecessary, why don’t we drop it all?

Some people seem so negative all the time. They act like drama is their only option – it’s not. They just enjoy being in the spotlight and complaining about their misery. Some of them make it seem like they would rather be dead than be alive because they take emotion to the next level.

Today is a gift. So was yesterday and the day before. We need to recognize that otherwise each gift we get will be a box full of drama. It’s okay to get rid of dramatic people in our lives if they’re sucking the positivity out of us. Drama is toxic.

We want to open gifts that make us smile, make us feel better, make us happier, and make us feel accomplished. If each day is a gift then we don’t want to open a day full of drama. We want to spend our time on more important things. Our time is precious and so are our days.

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