Strong Summer Sun

“Summertime is always the best of what might be.” – Charles Bowden

It’s only June, but the summer heat is slowly making an appearance. We haven’t seen much of that June Gloom in our transition to the summer months, but with temperatures rising close to the triple digits in the Valley, it’s time to start figuring out how we’ll beat the summer heat this year.

  1. Stay hydrated
    • Hydration is key during summer. Make sure you’ve always got a bottle on hand to cool down and feel refreshed.
  2. Go shopping
    • What’s better than free AC? Enjoying the spoils of a summer shopping spree, of course!
  3. Take to the pool
    • Enjoy a glass of iced tea by the pool or in a cabana. Vacations are the best time to show off new swimsuits and maybe even the new beaus we find there.
  4. Get sandy and salty
    • The beach is a summer tradition. The cool ocean breeze and icy waves are always our savior in triple digit heat. Some salt water on our skin may just be the cure.
  5. Be productive inside
    • Enjoy not-so-free AC and Netflix in the comfort of our homes. We can find a hobby, learn new recipes, plan a party for the 4th of July, or even start a summer blog. The possibilities are endless and the heat gives us several reasons to be productive.
  6. Discover creativity
    • Finding creativity is a short trip for those of us who have Pinterest accounts. We can explore our artsy sides and discover that maybe we’ve had one this whole time. It’s a trip to a local craft store that will get us inspired to doing something we have never done before. Or just open Pinterest and type in “crafts”…that usually does it for us.

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