Essential Accessories

“I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.” – Michael Kors

Now that we’ve made it past the first two weeks of June, it’s time to start planning summer outfits. What better way to put ourselves in a good mood than to talk fashion? These are some of the summer essentials that will make every outfit pop:

Watches. To be honest, I’ve never really wore a watch to tell time, and half the time I don’t have it set to the correct time, but watches are essential arm candy. They’re one of the most beautiful types of bracelets we could wear that adds a little something extra to our outfit and gives us an extra level of sophistication.

Bracelets. Not the same as watches, but always a must-have. Whether we are stacking bangles or keeping it simple with a treasured piece, bracelets add an element of shine. Silver, gold, colorful, or sparkled – bracelets are an accessory essential.

Rings. I like to keep it simple with just one or two rings and always make sure I’m wearing them. They are my signature and go with every outfit I wear. Depending on the occasion though, rings can be a great accessory to play with. Going out? Show off big rings to make a statement. Going to work? Simple and small is the way to go. Day off? We can do whatever we want!

Earrings. Another essential that is so important when it comes to accessories, especially in summer. There are so many different shapes and colors that complement the summer months. A standard pair of crystal or diamond studs is always a classic pick though.

Sunglasses and Hats. A pair of shades serves as more than a sunblock. It is an opportunity for us to explore different shapes, colors, and sizes. Sunglasses can reveal some of our personality if we accessorize right. A good hat is always great to pair with glasses, and adds some extra shade.

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