A Taste of Independence

“When it’s time for you to venture out, don’t let fear have you looking back on what you’re leaving behind.” – Unknown

We all crave independence. I learned this throughout college, and now that I’ve graduated the craving is ever so strong. (Congrats to all the members of the Class of 2016!)  There are moments in our lives where we will be faced with the desire to be independent and self-sufficient, and then there will be others where we feel like we just need our parents. What’s after college? What’s after the moment we realize we can’t live at home forever?

Learning how to be an adult is hard. Being an adult is even harder. It’s a twenty-something struggle where we feel like middle-schoolers all over again. We’re trying to fit into something and we’re not sure how we fit just right yet. We sort of feel like adults because we have expenses, this pile of loan debt from education, and have to start making big life decisions, but something feels like it is missing still.

Not all of us want to live at home forever. Being independent is not an easy task though, especially when done completely alone. How do we pay for all our bills? No really…how do we afford it on our own? With entry-level pay and minimum experience, what is out there for us? How long do we have to be tied to our parents before we can break free? Car insurance, health insurance, gas, phone, rent, food, luxuries…how do we properly allocate our money? And is there a guide somewhere that will tell us how to do it? No, there isn’t? It’s just called life experience? I have to learn it all on my own? Oh…okay.


We feel like we could never possibly be adults sometimes. How do our parents do it? But the truth is, is our parents probably feel the same way sometimes. It’s just something adults get used to as time passes. They were in our shoes at one point and they seemed to make it where they are in one-piece. There are so many times I find myself wondering if I’ll be the adult other people are looking up to one day and if I’ll still feel like a little kid who doesn’t have all the answers, but needs them.

All we have to do is trust that everything will work itself out with our hard work and dedication. We have to make sure that we stay on the right track and make decisions that will benefit us in the future. We will find our path, and when we do, we have to remember that we shouldn’t look back because of fear. We should keep moving forward because the only thing we are leaving behind is that scared feeling of being an adult. We have to let go so we can learn and grow.

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