All the Flowers

“All the flowers / Would have very extra special powers / They would sit and talk to me for hours.” – Alice in Wonderland, “A World of My Own”

When I started this blog, I wanted to make sure every post that went up had a picture to go with it. It was my way of making sure I could get in the habit of writing as often as possible and using my Canon T3i so it did more than just sit in my closet. So why all the flower pictures? 

Flowers are pleasant to look at, they smell good, and they’ve always been something small that brighten my day. They are a simple reminder of beauty, and they were all I was taking pictures of for the moment. Since I’ve started this blog I have branched out a little, but there will always be a flower picture to accompany a blog post every now and then.

I may not be able to sit and talk with the flowers for hours like Alice, but they communicate in a different way. They are a simple reminder to smile and remember that there are so many beautiful things in life no matter how small they are.

I want to surround myself with beautiful things – it’s a world of my own. I want to share those beautiful things that are a part of my life through the photos on my blog.

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