Trust Me, We’ve Got Time.

“It’s not about having time. It’s about making time.” – Unknown

This is for the ones who feel like they’re forever alone. This is for the ones who feel like they’ll never be good enough. This is for the ones who feel isolated and lonely. This is for everyone who thinks they don’t have enough time. This is for the twenty-something’s:

We’re not forever alone. We’re good enough. We’re not going to feel lonely forever. We have plenty of time. As twenty-something’s we may come across feelings of worry much more often than we’d like, but the truth of the matter is we have plenty of time to figure everything out. We have so many people in our lives that care about us, and just have to remember that when we feel that we don’t.

This is the complicated age where we’re trying to create our own lives without our parents’ help. Trying to figure out how to afford an apartment out of college can be so difficult. Living as an adult is an even harder transition with more responsibilities. Friends become distant with their own lives and responsibilities and family may be difficult to see depending on how far or close we live from them. Relationships can be just as complicated, but instead of worrying about all of these problems we should take a deep breath and relax.


We have plenty of time, but we also have to make time and can’t sit around waiting for our problems to work out and for life to happen. We’ve got time and we’ve got to make good use of it.

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