Some Things Need to Change

“You don’t have to change a thing / the world can change its heart.” – Alessia Cara, “Scars to Your Beautiful”

The world needs to change its heart and so do the people in it. Our world isn’t our brain and we don’t have to think the way that’s popular or the way the world thinks things are meant to be. These things need to change:

  • Unachievable perfection
    • Beauty, strength, love, whatever it is – nothing will ever be perfect
  • Constant praise
    • Just because we do something nice, helpful, or something that we feel needs a reward, doesn’t mean we need to get one. We should do things because they’re the right thing to do and because we want to build our character, not our trophy case.
  • Entitlement
    • We’re all people. If we’re 16 and think the world owes us something then something has to change. If we’re 75 and still think the world owes us something then something still has to change. People are so entitled and think everyone has to bow down to them – this isn’t the case. We’re all here for different reasons and hierarchy is not a part of the deal. We should all treat each other with respect and stop acting like we’re better than one person when don’t hold any real position of power.

There are so many things that need to be changed in this world, but it all starts with us. We can’t expect change if we are inactive and don’t try. There are some things that just simply need to change about us, and we have more than enough power to do so.

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