A Day in the Life of…

“Hard work + Dreams + Dedication = Success” – Unknown

Busy, busy, busy…that’s what a day in the life of a blogger who’s going to school and working is like. My calendar is always full and my notebooks are always filling up fast. I’m hoping this means my dreams are well within my reach. Here’s what a normal day looks like if you’re curious about how full this calendar actually is.

  • Work 25-30 hours a week
    • This usually takes up most of my day and week since I work about 3 or 4 times a week for 8 hours with a commute
  • Go to school full-time as a Graduate student
    • 3 classes, 9 units, lots of homework…not easy
    • Full time school = full calendar always
  • Try to fit in at least half an hour of exercise a day
    • Even if that means I do it after work when I’m even more tired and not as motivated
  • Make time for friends and family
    • This means weekends aren’t always spent relaxing because I’m still running around town trying to fit everyone in my schedule
  • Sleep
    • Without a doubt, there is always time for sleep on my calendar in order to keep my sanity

It’s a hard schedule and it’s always different, but it’s doable. I’m hoping things will start to calm down once I graduate with my Master’s degree. School is so close to starting up again, but it’ll be over before I know it. Soon it will be all about post-graduation life from my Graduate degree. I’m going to make sure to keep my schedule busy with plenty of fun just like I did after my Bachelor’s degree.

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