Update: Summer Bucket List 2016

“You can never have too much beach.” – Unknown

The Summer Bucket List is almost complete! There are only a few more things left to check off and I’m happy to check off these next three all in one trip:One of my best friends and I decided to create a weekend trip to get a couple of these things off my bucket list. Giving the proximity of Laguna Beach and Newport, this made things much easier.

Our stops were:

  • Costa Mesa
  • Santa Ana
  • Newport Beach
  • Laguna Beach

Unfortunately, I woke up with a small cold the day we were supposed to leave, but I didn’t let that stop me. I paid for it while we were on our trip though. I tried to take medicine as often as I could and just hang in there enough to enjoy the trip.

I tried so many new things on this trip, we got so much accomplished, and saw so many places because all of these cities were right next door to each other. When we arrived in Costa Mesa, we had to stay busy before we could check into the hotel. We went to a plant-based restaurant once we got to Costa Mesa called Native Foods Café. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I wanted to try it. I ended up loving it and just wish I wasn’t sick while trying it – a sore throat can ruin some things.

We stopped by the Luxury Shopping Center in Costa Mesa and I experienced Bloomingdales for the first time. The second we walked through the doors I saw Kate Spade and touched everything. We still had some time to kill and I wasn’t feeling the best so we sat down on a couch in one of their lobbies to talk.

We could finally check into the hotel and I was ready for a nap. The Double Tree gave us cookies when they welcomed us! They were actually delicious too and I probably ate one too many.

After napping, recharging, and getting ready for the Hunter Hayes concert we were ready to go. I also tried Pizza Press for the first time and it was great for someone who doesn’t like pizza. We headed to the concert just in time to see Cassadee Pope open and then see Hunter Hayes. He was incredible live and such a sweetheart the whole time. At the end of the concert, he said they had 5 more minutes left and politely asked if they could play one more song. Of course, we were more than okay with this.

We walked around the Orange County Fair after the concert, but I was ready to call it a night. The next day we spent the whole day at Newport, but I’ll save that story for another blog post – let’s just say it was quite an eventful day!

Sunday was spent at Laguna Beach. We went to the Newport Pier to watch the sunrise, but it was overcast and there’s a reason you can’t always see the sunrise at the beach (another thing I wanted off my list – the thought was there!). Both my friend and I were starting to feel tired and Laguna’s parking situation didn’t help that. We went to one of their beaches where you had to walk down “a thousand steps,” but it was only about 230 or so. I took tons of pictures of an overcast beach, but had so much fun editing all of them. They look much better – and brighter – than what it really looked like. The process was fun though and I was glad to be back home and feeling better.

Stay tuned for more about my trip and the pictures I took! 🙂

Has anyone else been to Newport or Laguna? Did you love it just as much as I did?

*Photo taken in Laguna Beach, California

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