How to be Negative

“Those who spend their time looking for the faults in others usually make no time to correct their own.” – Art Janak

Wait, what? Am I on the right blog? How to be negative? It’s a bit of a twist, but trust me, I know what I’m doing (and I hope you’ll read all the way to the end). Here are ways to be negative:

  • Frown. A lot.
    • Walk around without a smile on your face and waste your time and energy. Additional bonus: you’ll use more muscles frowning than smiling and waste even more energy. Get a workout on your face while looking angry!
  • Scream.
    • Yell at people. Why be calm, cool, and collective when you can express rage and scream at other people? Everyone will hear you if you’re trying to get your point across.
  • Woe is me.
    • Play the victim card. Blame everyone else for your faults and don’t take responsibility for your own actions. Why blame yourself when someone else can carry the burden?

Okay, I have to stop there. I think I’ve made my point clear in that being negative is a choice.

Do the above sound appealing? Do they sound great? Taking the opposite view on this gives people an opportunity to realize the differences between happiness and negativity.

So many people tell me to shut it when it comes to happiness and being positive, and this got me thinking. If people continually question why I think the way that I do, or how life doesn’t work the way I describe, then maybe it’s time to write the other side of the argument to prove that happiness is a choice.

You can choose to smile – you’ll use less muscles to do create a shimmer of positivity on your face. You can be a respectable human being and use your inside voice. Screaming is a waste of energy and I think it’s safe to say that it’s quite damaging to your vocal chords. Rationality and calmness are the best ways to work through arguments and an obvious sign of a mature adult. Take responsibility for your actions. You are the one who gets to make decisions about your life – not other people. You can blame them all you want, but at the end of the day it’s how you act and react that will define who you are.

So why not choose happiness, and choose to smile? Let’s rise above the negativity. 🙂

*Photo taken in Newport Beach, California at Fashion Island

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