Healthy Habits

“If you hate starting over stop quitting.” – Unknown

Being healthy can sometimes be a challenge, especially when you are faced with redundant meals, the same exercises, and an unchanging plan. I’ve “started over” and “quit” so many times with healthy eating and exercise. It’s something I got into after high school, but there are several things I learned about healthy habits and staying in shape.Water is always your best option. You cut out so many calories when you choose water. If you think you’re cutting calories with a diet drink, you’re right, but you’re also adding something else. Additional chemicals are in that zero-calorie drink and it’s only making you more hungry. The healthiest way is always the natural way.

Weight loss is the combination of cardio, strength training, and clean eating. You can’t just lose weight in the kitchen and you can’t do it solely in the gym. It has to be done in both. Most people think they can endlessly run on the treadmill to get back into shape, but this isn’t true for long. Doing cardio exercises without strength training can diminish your muscles and doing strength training without a mixture of cardio won’t get your heart rate high enough to make a difference in weight loss. Losing weight and looking good come from the combination of working out and eating right.

It’s okay to “cheat.” I usually have a cheat day once a week when I’m behaving on my workout and clean eating plan. Sometimes adding in tiny cheats throughout the week is helpful in curbing cravings, but it’s all about personal preference. Deprivation can lead to bingeing and that quitting feel. I couldn’t possibly give up Marmalade Café‘s french toast (pictured above) or other delicious breakfasts – they’re too good!

Mix it up. Routines are boring and your body is smart. It knows if you’ve done an exercise or a program in the same order too many times. Sure, there are only so many exercises you can do and ways to change your normal workout, but there is also a world of free resources out there waiting to be used. You can go for hikes, join boot camp classes, tag along with a friend at the gym with a guest pass, or find challenges and programs on YouTube or Pinterest.

Do you have any healthy tips or tricks to stay in shape? I’m always ready to learn more about what other people do to stay in shape.

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