My Happy Place

“A dead-end street is a good place to turn around.”– Naomi Judd

Sometimes we can feel like we’ve hit a wall and there’s no turning around. We feel stuck and like we’ll never find our way back to where we were. All we have to do is turn around and find our happy place.

I know my happy place usually gives me some perspective, and it reminds me of why I liked being on roads that led to somewhere. My happy place reminds me of taking roads that I know won’t lead to dead ends, but if they do, I can still regroup and turn around.

So what is this place? It’s really simple actual. Some of the things that are a part of my happy place are my essentials. Here it is:

Sitting at my white desk with my laptop and the sun shining through my window. A vase of flowers on the corner of my desk. A glass of iced tea to sip on. Writing for my novel. Feeling completely at home and on the road to success.

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