A Harvest Moon

“The sun sees your body, the moon sees your soul.” – Anonymous

Friday’s Harvest Moon got me thinking about light and darkness. During the day, the sun can see our exterior, but at night, the darkness can reveal something. Why is that? Let’s do one of my favorite things…a little English major analysis! 

What’s inside of our souls? True darkness sometimes helps people see the light about who we are. During the day, we can be whoever we want to be, but at the end of the day, we’re left with who we truly are.

It may be fun to try different hats on and be a different person from time to time, but sometimes that can do more harm than good. It can become an excuse to ignore facing who we have become.

Instead of being temporary, part-time versions of other people, we should resolve to be a permanent (and positive, of course!) version of ourselves. We can pretend throughout the day, but once the moon makes its appearance, that means we’re left with who we are. The moon illuminates the truth in the darkness and harvests our souls.

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