A Little Bit of Magic

“What goes up must come down.” – Isaac Newton

What goes up must come down. Right? Isaac Newton said it, and I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say he knew what he was talking about. That’s the way it goes though. Sometimes we’re doing so great only to find that we’re not where we want to be or don’t feel happy. A moment ago we were up in the clouds, but then suddenly we couldn’t feel lower to the ground. What does it take to get back to that happy state?

We have to stay positive and remember that we can change our circumstances. Maybe some days it’ll take a little bit of magic, and other days we’ll have to work a little bit harder to find what we’ve been missing.

It doesn’t matter what is causing us to be discouraged or distressed – school, work, friends, family, etc. What matters is how we got into the “down” part in the first place and figure out what we can do to pick ourselves back “up” again.

Just because what goes up must come down doesn’t mean we’ll always have to find negative days after happy ones, but chances are…we’re going to experience some bad days mixed in with the good.

Life is a complicated mess sometimes and not everything goes perfectly planned. Whatever your “magic” is…find it, hold onto it, and harvest it. Happy days await us all. Sometimes we wait longer than we’d like to get to those days because something big is awaiting us.

All it takes to fly is faith…trust…and a little bit of pixie dust! 🙂

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