An Empty Page…A New Beginning

“You’re discovering a whole new chapter of your life from a book you thought you’d never pick up.” – Me

I mentioned in one of my recent blog posts that something big is coming. Well, guess what? It’s here! If you haven’t noticed already, my blog has a new name and a new mission. Welcome to A Cup of Positivity! Today, an old story continues through a new chapter. Let’s go back to the first page…

Once I designed my blog on WordPress, I continued as This Beautiful Life. Recently, I finally realized what it is I’m supposed to be doing. I’m an English major who wants to make an impact, and the only way I can do that is through my words. I didn’t major in Social Justice or anything of the sort. An English major has the power to do something unique – transform and change perspectives with the very letters that form words to create sentences that generate a feeling. The feeling is key – writing can change the way people think or feel, and all it takes is one connection to make a difference.

So how am I doing this? I’ve had a project in my mind for a while. I’m putting that project to paper and working to transform. I don’t want to change people. I just want them to feel something when they read my words. I want them to have the feeling that they could change the world too, but even if it’s not as monumental of a feeling as that, I’ll be happy. If it’s something as simple as a more positive day or a smile on their face, that’s all the validation I need.

Read more about A Cup of Positivity’s mission in my About the Blogger section and stay tuned for more positive posts.

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