Go With Your First Instinct

“Don’t be afraid to go with your gut. It’s there for a reason.” – Unknown

Go with your gut. Everyone says it, but how often do we find ourselves saying we should have done it in retrospect? I’ll raise my hand and say I’m guilty. With the very sudden changes I made to my blog, I didn’t have time to consider the technical aspects or if it was something I really wanted. I need things to go back to the way they were. 

Blogging may decrease this week just because I’m trying to move everything around and settle on a name that I love. Thanks to some unsolicited adviser givers and critiques, I’ve rethought a lot of what I’ve done to my blog. This first started out as “This Beautiful Life” even when it was a Tumblr blog. I changed it too quickly and wasn’t sure if I was settled with the changes I was making. But you live and you learn, right? I learned.

I miss “This Beautiful Life.” It was my platform where I could journal and write and not worry about trying to promote it and maintain an Instagram. There’s just too much going on with A Cup of Positivity that I don’t have time to invest or deal with. “This Beautiful Life” was effortless. No one was negative or critical. They were quite supportive, in fact. Like I’ve said before, I’ll take my 20+ followers over a bigger number who doesn’t care about my blog or its purpose.

Christina writes. That doesn’t mean Christina listens to your negativity. This blog is here to diminish the negative and destroy that mindset. I’m sick of people making me rethink my art or craft. I’m happy with what I do. I don’t need to prove that with big statistics or numbers or followers. How many of them are actually reading my blog? Not many.

I’m going back to my original plan. I’m sticking with my first instinct.

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