Say Hello to All My Haters

“Hi, hater. Thanks for being CEO of my fan club. Keep it running!” – Unknown

All this talk about people who should mind their own business and keep their opinions to themselves has got me thinking about all of the haters out there. People will usually tell us it’s a good thing to have them because that means we have something that they want and they’re jealous. I think there’s another side to the story though.

Sure, it’s somewhat gratifying to know someone else is envious of something we have in our lives. But at the same time, it can also affect us in a different way. Having “haters” in the first place can make us realize a force of negativity in our lives at work. We don’t want people to hate us – that’s not the goal.

We should strive to only allow positive people in our lives, and if there are haters, we shouldn’t pay attention to them. Giving them the time of day only gives them more power. The point is to not let them affect us. We shouldn’t let them hurt us or waste our time, and we shouldn’t bother with giving them the opportunity to steal our happiness.

Say hello to all my haters, for I don’t pay them any mind. They simply aren’t worth my time.

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