Show, Don’t Tell

“Action expresses priorities.” – Mahatma Gandhi

How often do we find ourselves saying we’re going to do something? We want to find a new job, go to another country, lose weight, try harder, pick up a hobby. A lot of the time we’re all talk and no action. We want to do so many things, but we get lazy or busy and can’t find motivation to put in the effort.

Sometimes we may not have the resources for what we want to accomplish. For instance, I have always wanted to start my own clothing line, but I’m an English major with no idea where to start. I’ve sat down and sketched a couple designs to put on shirts, but I know nothing about accounting, manufacturing, and every little thing there is to know about running a business. We can find ways to make these things happen though. We just have to try to take action when it comes to our priorities.

It is not always a matter of not having the time, but most of the time we use that as an excuse. Think about it in terms of working out and being healthy. How many times do we say we are going to start our diet tomorrow? I’m sure there are plenty of tomorrow’s waiting for us to try something new.

So let’s stop waiting. Pick up a hobby now. Do something you’ve always wanted to do. Learn how to knit a scarf, do a DIY project on Pinterest, make a delicious new treat in the kitchen, go sit outside and tan in the warm, summer weather, or jump on a plane and go to Europe. Let’s surprise ourselves and do what we say we are going to do. Let’s be all action and less talk.

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