December is Here!

“Hello, December. You’re the last one, so be the best one.” – Unknown

The end of the year is that time where we start to get ready to write down our New Year’s resolutions and get excited about changes we want to make. I’ve always been a fan of resolutions, but the end of December shouldn’t be the only time we prepare to do this. 

We should always try to change and make changes when we see issues and not blow them off until the next year. It’s not as if once January 1st rolls around we automatically shed bad habits and start anew. Change takes time and if we want it to happen, we have to start doing those things now instead of waiting for the New Year.

It is a great time to start a new book though. We can start making resolutions and changes now so we have a dynamic book with 365 pages of positivity in them. We should remember to find something good in every day even if some feel like they’ll end. We should try to stick to our changes (which is why starting now will help us) and be our best selves. Lastly, we should surround ourselves with people who want us to have as great a 2017 as anyone else does. Let’s make this the year where no one brings us down and start this month to do it.

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