Take Their Breath Away

“Negative people need drama like oxygen. Stay positive, it’ll take their breath away.” – Tony Gaskins

It’s no surprise that we come across negativity in our lives so often. Some people just thrive on it – negative words, condescending comments, negative energy, bad vibes.

Drama is an oxygen supply for negative people. Any chance they feel themselves gasping for air is their opportunity to fill situations with as much drama as they can. If we manage to forget about their drama and remain positive then we won’t let them get their way.

Positive people thrive off positive words, cheerful comments, positive energy, and good vibes. Our oxygen comes in high supply of happiness and negative people want to drain that happiness because they don’t have enough of their own. They spend too much time learning to thrive off drama that they forget how to be happy.

The best thing we can do when presented with negativity is to ignore it and remain happy. Happiness is our oxygen. Drama is our enemy. It is not our job to teach negative people how to be positive. They have to learn on their own, but the best way they will learn positivity is from the examples we set. If we continually stay positive to take their negative breath away then they will be left no choice but to find a new oxygen source.

Positive people take drama out of the equation. We focus on the good. We need to open our hearts and open our minds instead of opening our mouths with drama.

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