I’m Back

“Sometimes it takes some time out on your own to find your way back home.” – Taylor Dane

It took me 33,264,000 seconds, 554,400 minutes, 9,240 hours, 55 weeks, 385 days to admit to myself that it was time to take control of my blog again. I was afraid to put myself out there. I was scared to start back up because maybe I’d fall back off the wagon. I was worried about rejection, as many times as I had gotten used to experiencing it. But here I am.

One of my reasons for taking a break from my blog was the fact that I almost lost it. There is a lot of work I have to do on my end and I’ve been avoiding it because of the weight of other things taking place in my life right now. I’ve realized it’s time to reject avoidance and accept the work. I want to rebuild and make this blog the important piece of my life it was last year. I finally feel like I’m back home.

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