I’m Not Making Resolutions.

“Don’t make a resolution. Make yourself.” -SparkPeople

I refuse to let another year begin with empty resolutions. When the end of December nears, the notepads come out and the lists begin. How can I be better this year? How much weight do I want to lose? What new things do I want to try? Realistic goals are typically set and then the enthusiasm begins. The list lengthens and the expectations become too much.

If you’re like me, you make a long list that becomes too long to accomplish. You set too many goals and then can’t even pick one because you’re overwhelmed by choice. That’s why I’m done making New Year’s resolutions. I’m ready to do as SparkPeople suggests and make myself.

The New Year is a time for us to remember what is important to us. What do we hope to accomplish this year? What are some realistic goals that can be achieved within the next 12 months? What can I do to make myself happier and healthier?

Be productive. Make lists everyday and set goals for myself that I know can be accomplished.

Smile and think positive thoughts. There is no room for negativity.

Learn something new or try something old. Maybe it’s time to unpack my knitting needles and make something new. Or maybe it’s time to get a sewing machine and finally learn how to use it.

Put more effort and energy into being healthy. Wake up and workout. Make a healthy breakfast and let the positive vibes flow.

Recite. You got this. You got this. You got this. Good things come to those who wait, but I’m not going to use this time as an opportunity to wait. I’m going to remind myself that I’m on the right path to making myself. And that this is a great privilege: to create, to invent.

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