“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” – Unknown

It’s remarkable how organization can lend some encouragement, a clear mind, and a desire to do more. I wanted to get my desk calendar ready for 2018, and though I’m a few days late at doing it, I’m glad I did it today.

After working on my blog the last few days, I woke up this morning and wanted something different for myself. I wanted change. I wanted more…of something, anything that would make me feel refreshed. I took a hot shower, made a healthy breakfast, and started working on reorganizing my novel. It’s truly inspiring how our minds work and how blogging had such a positive impact on me. I knew it would be the right decision to pay more attention to my blog this year.

It is one of my goals to become a better planner. For those of you who know me, you know I already meticulously plan out my days. I want to take it one step further than that though. I want to start figuring out how I can be productive each day. That means doing more than waking up, making breakfast, going to work, and following the same pattern each day. I want to plan on not having such a rigid plan. I don’t want to fall into a mundane schedule where I’m trapped in a 9 to 5 and can’t do anything beyond that. It’s all about perspective. Consistency is not confinement. So, here’s my plan:

Spend more time planning out healthy meals and buying the right foods. Dedicate time to working out no matter what time of day it is. Do yoga once or twice a week. Paint or start a new project every month. Slowly work on getting the pieces of my novel together because it isn’t going to be done overnight. Stop biting my nails once and for all. Save more money. Continue to treat myself every once in a while because shopping is still fun in moderation. Take more pictures. Spend more time with friends. Try new things.

Do any of these things after a long day or to start another. That’s my plan for a happy 2018.

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