Life is Too Short…Again.

Life is too short to be unhappy. We’ve heard it all before, but how many of us actually abide by the overused phrase? I know I’ve recited it in my head plenty of times over the last few years, but I also know I’ve fallen short every time I try to abide by it. 

Is it really so difficult to remember the phrase and actually do it? Sometimes we get caught up in life. We sweat the little things and forget the big things that are shaping who we are. Can’t we just trust that things will work out? It’s hard to let go, but we have to do it if we want to make any sort of progress.

I can say, from experience, it’s hard for me to take less control being a planner who always needs answers, but there are several things in life I have zero control over. Instead of stressing out about when I’m going to cross that next thing off my list of accomplishments, I should remember that I’ll have all those things as long as I take action.

In the meantime, I should continue adding to the list. What do I want to accomplish? Add it to the list. Life’s too short to worry. Eventually, the list will get so big I’ll have to start crossing items off.

Instead of worrying about the details, I should have some trust and faith in myself. I’ll work all the details out as I go, but I shouldn’t stress each one until I achieve our goals.

Life is too short…to worry. To stress. To not go on the trip. To not take a risk. To not work hard and achieve your goals. Life is too damn short. Do it…whatever it is.

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