The London Bridge

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal.” – Paulo Coelho

Every Presidents’ Day weekend, my boyfriend and his family have the tradition of going to Lake Havasu to watch the fireworks. This year, I was a part of that tradition. I’ve never been so I was excited to see all that Cory raved about for weeks. I was also excited to take a break from work and school because I haven’t had a relaxing weekend in a while. 

The fireworks each night were spectacular. I was kind of bummed because Cory’s phone captured better pictures than mine did, but he had no problem sharing them. I was happy to experience the fireworks in the moment and tried to forget about watching them through a glass screen.

We saw the London Bridge and I was astounded. I’ve always wanted to travel to Europe, so this small piece from London was enough to curb my wanderlust for the moment. It almost reminded me of Solvang because it was such a quaint, distinct area. (I got plenty of great pictures here!)

We also found a small lighthouse on one of the beaches we visited, but I’ll be blogging about that later. The entire trip was peaceful and relaxing. I don’t think I felt one ounce of stress the entire time I was there, except maybe on Sunday when we watched the Daytona 500 race. (We’re playing fantasy NASCAR and I wanted to start the season off with as many points as possible!)

The weekend was a reminder to break routine for myself. As Coelho puts it, it’s lethal, and understandably so. Doing too much of the same over a long period of time made me feel unaccomplished and as if time was moving so slow, but still somehow moved so fast. The days would drag on, but all the sudden we would make it to the next month.

The London Bridge reminded me that life is too short to not see the beautiful places in the world. Travel is always worth it. It made me think about what it means to cross a bridge. You can’t make progress or achieve your next goal if you don’t take action. Too many people like to stay in their comfort zone, or on one side of the bridge (for the sake of this metaphor).

I crossed the bridge that weekend. And I’d do it again. It’s my continued goal to branch out, try new things, and get out of my routine as much as I possibly can.

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