Why Does All This Matter?

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” – Leonard Cohen

As I finish my last semester of Graduate school, I continue to ask all sorts of questions about my major and writing…and now I’m starting to ask the question about blogging: why does it matter? What is this for?

I always tend to embed existentialism throughout my writing. It’s a part of what makes my writing my own. In part of living a more positive and beautiful life, I always consider why I do what I do. Why does it matter? Why will this benefit me? The “why” helps me determine if something contributes to my life in a positive or meaningful way.

So why blogging? It gives me the chance to journal about my life and my experiences. It also gives me the potential to connect with someone. My goal, as a writer, is for the person reading my work to feel something so great, a greater feeling than I had when I wrote the words they read. I’ve probably said this in my blogs before because I’ve made it my writerly quote and mission, if you will.

I want my writing (blogging included) to be that one glimmer of hope for someone – even if that person is just me. It’d be great to be making a positive impact in other people’s lives, but I also blog for myself. If other people can enjoy it too, then I think I’ve answered my “why.” I want to help other people find the light as I try to. I want my blog to be the lighthouse; the stable, source of light that guides people back to shore…back to reality…back home.

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