Coffee Talk

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” – Marcus Aurelius

Peet's Coffee
Peet’s Coffee

I have never really been a podcast person. In fact, I didn’t really know what type of podcasts were out there until, one day, I decided to look through the “Podcasts” section on Spotify. I never thought I would come across one that was aligned so well with my blog and mindset. It made me want to start my own. In fact, I’m just about ready to. 

Short of having absolutely zero experience in the art of podcasting, I don’t exactly know where to start. So, if anyone has suggestions, I’m more than happy to hear them! I came across Kalyn’s Coffee Talk on Spotify last week. She brews a cup of coffee—sometimes two—and shares her thoughts on several relatable topics during her show. Kalyn shares so many words of wisdom whether they are quotes or her own inspirational thoughts. A positive mindset is grounded in her talks, and this is what I love most about it.

It feels as if I’m sitting across a table talking to her about some of the issues she tackles each week even though I’m just the listener. In some way, I always feel like my brain is engaging in the conversation with her. After all, the podcast made me want to start a conversation on my blog.

It was weird for me at first. To be listening to another person talking about things that were so heavily related to my blog and that were currently going on in my life. The overlap was uncanny. She even starts her podcasts with a quote, which is how I start each of my blogs. She’ll talk a break halfway through and play relaxing rain, thunder, or bird sounds. It reminds me a lot of yoga and meditation, which she claims to love as well.

Her 30-minute, weekly show made me want to start my own though because I felt like Kalyn’s talks impacted me in such a positive way. Making a positive impact on others is one of the most rewarding experiences. As a writer, it would make me feel fulfilled to know the same could happen for me.

I started brainstorming names and getting clever: “Perspectives over Pancakes”…”Details Over Drinks”…I got a little too excited with the food titles, as I didn’t want to copy “Coffee Talk” and come up with something more original.

I was also thinking it could be something as simple as “A Little Dose of Happy” or something like that. The creativity part still needs a lot of work! I immediately wanted to create my own brand. The content is there; I just need to learn more about how to share it.

So, all that being said, if anyone has ideas or thoughts for how to get a podcast started, I welcome you to share them with me! I did a quick Google search to figure out what the basics are, but I want to know what works well for current podcasters and how I can be successful too. I don’t expect to hit the ground running with this tomorrow or even next month, but it’s something I want to start preparing for.

Also, I just wanted to give a huge shout-out to Kalyn. I can’t say that I know her personally, but I can say that she has already made a huge impact in my life from her upbeat and uplifting talks. They are truly an inspiration.

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