Fall Bucket List | 2018

“Life begins again when it gets crisp in the fall.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Early morning blog writing with some Earl Grey tea
Early morning blog writing with some Earl Grey tea

I’m a little late to the party on this one, but I haven’t made one of my traditional bucket lists in a while. It was a little tough to carve out time to create one again, but it’s finally here! This year’s fall bucket list is officially on.

Fall Bucket List 2018
Fall Bucket List 2018

I remember the exact moment I got hooked on the idea of seasonal bucket lists. My very first one was made during the summer a few years ago, and I used it as a motivation tool to accomplish my goals. I found a template on Pinterest and then decided I’d start doing them every season. I wanted to start designing them on my own though because it was something fun and creative to do.

Not only are they fun to design, but they also help me stick to the promises I make to myself throughout the year. These lists really make me think long and hard about what it is I want to do at certain times of the year. Sometimes the items are just fun and a little cliché—after all, I’m admittedly a devoted Pinterest enthusiast—but they help me enjoy every season in the midst of what can be a super-busy-sometimes-chaotic life.

What better way to dip into fall than to be cozied up on the couch underneath a warm, fuzzy blanket while blogging and drinking a cup of Earl Grey tea in my pink “This might be wine” mug? That’s my current state as I write this blog post. P.S. I’m totally looking forward to these knee-high, knitted socks my mom got me. They’ll be perfect for winter. Which reminds me: I need to start prepping for the winter bucket list next month, so I can have it ready before the season actually begins!

I think the most exciting thing I’m looking forward to is the fall photo shoot. I asked one of my friends if she would want to join me—once the leaves start to change color, of course—and she was so excited about it. It just sounds like a fun, light-hearted way to celebrate fall and all the beautiful things that happen during this time.

Fitzgerald had it right when he said life begins again during this season. Fall is a restorative time where I feel like we can easily shed our old selves and mindsets to start anew. It can help us refocus and make a positive change. All we need is a quick fix or reminder to get back on track every now and then.

It’s almost enigmatic to consider how the world works in this sense. Simple physical changes like the yellow, orange, red, and purple shades of autumn leaves or the crisp drop in temperature can be the smallest reminders that we need to make changes for ourselves.

I’m excited to experience the rest of fall and start checking off the items on my list. All of this talk about seasons changing has got me thinking about all my travel photos. I never really shared them and took the time to reflect on my time away from routine and immersed in new places this year.

After talking with my aunt this weekend, it made me realize that I need to share more of my travel stories. There are so many hidden gems, life lessons, and metaphors living in my travels. I think it’s time to shed some light on those and do a “Reflecting on my Travels” series. Get ready for a lot of photos; it’s story time this fall.

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