Reflecting on my Travels | Part 2

“In one drop of water are found the secrets of all the endless oceans.” – Kahlil Gibran

Fountain at Cannery Row in Monterey Bay
Fountain at Cannery Row in Monterey Bay

There is so much history in Monterey Bay. My boyfriend Cory and I decided we were going to celebrate our one year dating anniversary by going on a mini vacation, which I’m sure I’ve mentioned every now and again throughout my blog. We wanted to create memories rather than stress over finding the perfect one year gifts for each other. Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip:



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When we first got to the Spindrift Inn, I knew our money was well spent. The hotel was right on the beach and it had an amazing view. The staff was genuine, kind, and they offered us free Champagne. The rooms were beautiful and once we got settled, we explored the rooftop garden and the beach. The sand and the water were darker hues than what we’re used to; there was so much color around us. We found so many tiny pieces of sea glass and started a small collection.

As we stayed on Cannery Row, we were within walking distance to mostly everything we wanted to do. We visited the aquarium, played glow in the dark (and 3D) mini gold along with some old school arcade games, rode in paddle boats, did the 17-mile drive through Pebble Beach where we wrote our names in the sand, and celebrated Cinco de Mayo with tasty food and margaritas at a restaurant next door to our hotel.

Our original plan was to have dinner at El Torito, but everyone else had the same idea as we did and the wait was about an hour and a half. We tried making reservations, but we were walking into the aquarium and they wouldn’t pick up the phone. It was unfortunate, but it all worked out well in the end. The food we had Lalla’s Oceanside Grill was much better than anything we would’ve ordered elsewhere.

Our friends had recommended plenty of fun things to do and great places to eat, so we were prepared to have fun with a full itinerary. And everything just sort of worked out. We didn’t have a schedule we had to stick to besides making it to the aquarium at a decent time on Saturday. It was another great trip.

I feel like each time we go on vacation, I always find myself saying, “This was by far the best trip we’ve had so far” because we always manage to make sure we have a good time. It also reminds me of how thankful I am to have someone adventurous and ready to try new things by my side. Cory always makes me want to break even further out of my comfort zone.

Even the little things—like watching the sunset and appreciating what’s in front of us in the moment—makes me realize just how lucky I am to have him and be where we are today. Monterrey was a great trip, but I can’t wait to start planning our next mini anniversary vacation for year number two. Creating experiences and memories with the person you love is so much more rewarding than gifts or things that will fade. All those expensive gifts couples get each other and post all over social media aren’t worth it to me. What’s the point of stressing about getting a gift like that when you can plan something small that has a stronger impact in your relationship?

Cory and I have agreed that the three to four days we take for ourselves are far better than something material that we won’t keep forever. I can say, with a full heart, that I am incredibly grateful and humbled to experience life with him.

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