Happy New Year Highlights

“The comeback is always stronger than the setback.” – Ethi Pike

New Year's Eve Party 2019
New Year’s Eve 2019

Hello, fellow bloggers! And Happy New Year. Better late than never, right? I am currently recovering from surgery, so I’ve spent the first month of the year prepping for that and trying to take it easy after the fact. Though it feels like there have been a couple of setbacks, I want to focus on the successes and the things that will move me forward.

I think this New Year’s Eve was one of the best I’ve ever had. Cory and I went to our friends’ masquerade party and it was the most fun way to celebrate the end of 2018. (Shout-out to Coral and Robert for throwing an awesome party!) As my last blog post mentioned, I didn’t try to make a resolution this year. I wanted to make some changes that were actually going to make an impact in my life.

Regardless of some of the challenges that have already come my way, I’m still proud of the things I’ve done this year so far. I jumped right into learning how to knit one of those super cute chunky, DIY blankets you see all over Pinterest. It’s sitting on our kitchen table currently, but I will be getting right back into hand-knitting it once I fully heal and feel stronger. It’s a big blanket, so it’s going to take some time, but I managed to learn the ropes fairly quickly. And for that, I’m proud of myself.

I’ve also been trying to pay more attention to my healthy habits, especially since I have a new diet post surgery. Two of the things I knew I had to pay more attention to this year were portions and nourishment. I’ve been more cognizant of this and have also been trying to take it easy during this time as my body heals.

I’m excited to see how the rest of January pans out and am especially excited for February. Mostly, I’m ready for warmer weather, but I’m also ready to be feeling 100% and making more changes that matter.

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