A 30,000 ft. View

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” — John Wooden
Christina standing on a rock at the beach with waves surrounding
Ocean waves and sunny days

I was listening to the radio at the beginning of the week while I was driving to work. The Woody Show on 98.7 was talking about looking at your life from a 30,000 ft. view, and I immediately thought, I need to write a blog about this. I’ve thought about this in so many different ways, but not once did I think about looking at my life from an airplane’s perspective. After all, when you’re so focused on living in the moment, you can easily forget to zoom out.

So, I did it. I zoomed out. I thought about all of the small details and actions that have brought me to this current state. If I would have done one thing differently, said one word instead of another, or even took one more step further, then I could be in a completely different place at this moment in time. It blows my mind to think about it.

But, looking at our lives in “big picture” mode is necessary every now and then. Too often, I find myself in “I’m not accomplishing enough” mode. I feel stuck and like I’m not going anywhere because I haven’t accomplished that one goal. You know that feeling? The one when it’s a random Tuesday and you feel like being hard on yourself because you haven’t done *insert goal.*

I’m ambitious and have always set high goals for myself. I’m always used to achieving more, whatever that is. I don’t take enough time to step back and look at the bigger picture. The radio show was dissecting what it really meant to look at your life from up high and my brain neurons starting firing. If we look at how much we’ve accomplished and how much we’ve changed in a longer period of time, we’ll see a much greater—and clearer—image of all that we’ve accomplished. We stop overlooking the small things that we think throw us so off course.

The truth for me is that I realized I’ve been on track this whole time. Sure, there have been ups and downs, but I’m still on the right path to achieve my goals. And I’m damn proud of that.

A part of me is also incredibly enlightened this week because I started listening to Happier, a podcast that has boosted my productivity and made me feel genuinely happier in a matter of days. Gretchen Rubin is amazing; you should totally listen to an episode or two.

The combination of the 30,000 ft. view talk and the podcast have made me want to “zoom out” more often. It made me realize that I can still celebrate things that happened in the past and use them to keep me motivated. This airplane view of my life has made me realize that I’m creating my own map, and I want there to be as many happiness points and positive memories on it. I’ll probably look back on this blog post in the future and remember this moment where I decided to start looking at my life in a different perspective.

It’s so difficult to zoom out of our body to see the full picture of our lives. We are always right in front of ourselves and it can feel as if we’re stumbling over our feet to achieve our goals. But the reality is: that’s okay. We’re human. We can’t set an expectation of perfection. Achieving goals is not always an easy road unless we’re talking about checking off those small tasks, such as doing the dishes or taking out the trash. We need to give ourselves more credit for the things we’ve accomplished and the things we are currently doing to accomplish new tasks.

This makes me want to live life in a new perspective. As humans, we evolve. We change. We grow. There is no final version of ourselves that we decide we’re happy with and then everything stops being difficult or the map of our lives is suddenly complete with everything we’ve ever wanted. We will always face obstacles, challenges, and things that test us. It’s a part of the process and it’s the nature of life. Honestly, without those things, life would be kind of boring. What’s a good story without conflict, right?

Whenever you’re feeling sad, unaccomplished, or just seem to be in a funk, I encourage you to “zoom out.” Take a look at the larger things you’ve accomplished and remind yourself of the happy things, the positive moments. I challenge myself to do the same thing because I need to get better about taking my own advice. All those little things have created this one big great thing. Take that picture of your life—the bigger picture—and remind yourself of it every now and again. Give yourself credit for what you’ve achieved and use it to keep moving forward. 

From 30,000 ft, I’m signing off. Have a wonderful day! ☺️

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