Right Back Where I Started

“I have a theory that when you’re lost on the path, go back to the beginning and try the maze again.” — Amanda Seales

Sunny day in the spring, tree with small white flowers
Sunny Day in the Spring

It seems that just when I thought I was finding myself through my blog, I was actually becoming more lost than ever. It truly became a maze where I kept bumping into walls. Most of you know my blog was originally titled “This Beautiful Life” until I recently switched it to “My Vintage Script.” I’ll refer to these both as TBL and MVS to make things easy. One of the challenges I came across during trying to rebrand my blog was settling on the new name. I have to admit that it was somewhat of an impulse decision to switch it to MVS. Here’s the story.

I wasn’t able to gain access to the domain I wanted because someone else owns it, and for the longest time I just used a different domain and branded my blog as TBL in title only. I thought, Well, if I can’t have the domain I want, then I’ll just change the title completely so it all matches. Impulsive, right? I tried to convince myself that MVS was the right switch for me, but when it came down to it, This Beautiful Life was just a better fit for me and my blog.

Part of this journey is making mistakes, but the other part is learning from them. This made me want to slow down and put more time into thinking about things. Even in completing the switch back to TBL, I thought about it for weeks until I finally decided to make the switch back. MVS just didn’t feel like it completely fit me. I had liked the phrase, but TBL was a much more significant part of my blogging journey. It held more meaning and weight in my life.

I also want to take this time in saying thank you to all of the people who have supported me on this journey and dealt with my fickle tendencies. I promise, I’m working on it. As someone who works in marketing and branding, I’m always focused on how I’m presenting my work, but I’m also always ready to jump in and take action…sometimes too quickly. I’ve really only seen this trend with my blog. For instance, the same “jumping in” hasn’t occurred with my novel. But I also see a lot of growth within myself and that’s the key.

After seeing the quote for today’s post, I thought more about this maze metaphor. There are times where we get lost in the maze and hit a dead-end. We have to find our way back to the beginning and that’s where I saw MVS going: nowhere. Even with the photo I chose for this blog, I felt like it aligned well with “This Beautiful Life.” All my blog photos do. So, I retraced my steps in this maze and found myself at the beginning again. This blog is about all the beautiful and positive things in my life. It’s about learning lessons, appreciating the good, understanding the bad, and moving forward. It’s all about the beauty of progression.

Here’s to learning as we grow and remembering that we don’t need to be a polished, final product. There’s nothing wrong with being a work in progress! 🙂

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