☀️ Summer Wish List ☀️

   “Cause a little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about.” — John Mayer

Beach waves in San Diego, CA hitting the rocky coast
San Diego, CA

I remember the first summer that I decided to make a summer bucket list. It helped me accomplish all of the things I told myself I’d do by the time September rolled around. I didn’t end up finishing everything on the list, but I completed the majority of it and that felt amazing. I knew I had done something productive and fun. After that, each season became an opportunity for me to do something similar. Pinterest helped me conjure up some inspiration and before I knew it I had summer, spring, fall, and winter bucket lists. Eventually, it got hard to keep up with making seasonal lists, so I got out of the habit of creating them. This year, I’ve decided to do something a little different.

A bucket list has too much finality to it. Instead of creating a list of things that have a deadline on them that will most likely get pushed to next summer, I wanted to create a Summer Wish List. These are things I simply want to try this summer. Rather than attaching a deadline to it, which usually works really well for me, I want this summer to be a time to enjoy and explore new things. I want to take away the worry of completing all these tasks and remind myself that there are so many fun things to take advantage of. With summer already in full swing and temperatures soaring, I figured it was better late than never. It’s my habit to start things in media res, so why not continue the tradition? I’ve never been fond of convention.

My Summer Wish List

  1. Pay more attention to my health and fitness goals. Make healthier recipes, cook more instead of grabbing food on the go, and get back on a regular workout schedule.
  2. Buy more flowers. To me, there’s nothing more beautiful than coming home to a beautiful vase of flowers sitting on the kitchen table. It reminds me of my favorite quote, “There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” — Henri Matisse.
  3. Pick up a book more often. Whether it’s one of my old favorites or something new, I love reading and haven’t spent nearly enough time with my nose stuck in a book.
  4. Try to kick some bad habits. I’ve been a nail bitter for most of my life. I’ve gone through phases where I’ve tried to quit, but it’s only ever lasted a few months. It’s a long process, but I’ve been getting better at it each time.
  5. Learn how to do a new hairstyle. This one is going to be tough because it’s so hard for me to even braid my hair straight down the middle, but I’d love to do a waterfall braid on my own hair, or even someone else’s. Any volunteers?
  6. Deep clean my closet (for real this time). Get rid of the clothes that continue to stay on my hangers and off my body even when I keep promising myself I’ll wear them “one day.” It’s time to part ways with some of those items.
  7. Spend more time at the beach. It’s my happy place and I haven’t been in a few months. With gas prices soaring in SoCal, it’s been tough to go as much as I used to, but I’d like to find a way to make it happen more without breaking the bank.
  8. Have a girls’ night with good friends. There’s something that sounds so fun about a summer night on the patio with wine, a charcuterie board, great music, and some string lights.
  9. Practice self-care more. Do more yoga, light more candles, and get in the mood for being in a good mood.
  10. Write more. Just write. I have to stop worrying about finishing one project before I can move onto the next. I can work on my novel and other stories I’ve always wanted to write. Who knows? Maybe working on simultaneous projects will help me finish at least one or two of them.
  11. Create healthier skin care habits. I’ve been blessed most of my life with fairly clear skin and have rarely seen acne, but I want to start taking better care of my skin past makeup remover and rose quartz rollers. I want to make this a summer of rejuvenation.

What are your summer plans? What’s on your list? I’d love to hear your ideas and add more to my list for this year and next!

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