Savoring the Moment

“When counting blessings, you realize how minimal your problems are. Keeps you on the positive track to a good life.” — Geneva Williams

Sunset in Pahrump, NV
Sunset in Pahrump, NV

As a culture, we’re so focused on feeling immediate gratification and receiving things as quickly as possible and forgetting about the importance of time. We have Netflix binges. We order something online and expect it in our hands within two days. We overeat. We spend too much money on things we don’t want or need. We are too decadent. We forget to savor the moment. But why?

Our heavily technology-dependent society makes it too easy for us to over indulge. Hence, why Netflix continues to produce “binge-worthy” series and why companies like Amazon are working on shifting 2-day shipping to 1-day shipping. They can’t necessarily take all of the blame though. After all, people are consuming content faster it’s being created. They have to keep delivering to satisfy their customers.

Pointblank: we over-consume. As hard as it would be to turn off Netflix after that first episode or two, what’s the risk? We could build up suspense and starting thinking more intuitively about the episode. We’re so curious though. We want to see more and know more, and we need it NOW. Instead of constantly needing instant gratification, what if we could restructure the way we think? Instant gratification can be draining. What do we do when we deplete all of our resources and are stuck waiting for the next consumable thing? And there’s not enough left to satisfy us?

Here are a few quick fixes on how we can savor the moment:

  1. New series on Netflix? 🎥 Tell yourself you’ll watch no more than 2 or 3 episodes/movies/etc. per week depending on the lengths.
  2. Redefine “binge” and replace it with “spree.” Do something positive, meaningful, and valuable to your life with the spree. Think cleaning spree 🧹 or reading spree 📚!
  3. Pace yourself. 🏃‍♀️ Don’t deplete your resources the second you get them no matter how excited you are about them.
  4. Plan out your day. 🗓 When you stick to a schedule, it can be easier to hit “pause” on whatever it is you’re doing, so you can move to the next thing.

It’s also important to consider energy. Are we efficiently utilizing our energy? Would you rather use more energy on positive experiences or negative ones? Something to consider when deciding whether it’s worth it to bask in sadness or savor the sunset. Marinate in the moments that you may not get the chance to experience again and hold onto those memories.

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