Mind Over Matter // Mind with the Right Matter

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” — Benjamin Franklin

Floral planner held up in front of out-of-focus Christmas decorations
December’s Silk + Sonder Planner

Isn’t it crazy how powerful our thoughts can be? They can hold us back, they can talk us out of doing things, and even bring us down even on the best days. But they can also do so many powerful things that are good and even beneficial for our health. It’s so much easier said than done to “think good, positive thoughts.” A lot of this power comes from planning and truly believing in our mind’s strength.

Preparation ties into mind over matter for several reasons. But first, let’s talk about why “mind over matter” is such an important phrase. It’s thrown around in so many different contexts and may even be deemed a cliché by some, but it’s truly an essential part of creating a rich life (and I don’t mean seeing dollar signs though that can surely be a positive effect). Living a truly wealthy life comes from harnessing and harvesting the power your mind holds. Planning and preparation give us the time and space to reflect on what we need, what we want, and how we get it.

I’ve felt a little thrown off course ever since my favorite planner (the Best Self Journal) changed its layout. I tried so hard to adapt, and I just couldn’t bring myself to come back to it every day. I couldn’t get into a normal routine and I was letting the “matter” hold too much power, but the reality is that I couldn’t get my mind in the right space. Sometimes it’s not about “mind over matter” and instead it’s about “mind with the right matter.” There are some things that will weigh heavier than others, and sometimes I can’t tune them out no matter how strong my mind is.

With this, I decided to try a new planner called Silk + Sonder. I had put it on my birthday wish list this year and my mom surprised me by shipping it to me a few weeks early. I was so excited to start filling out the planner a couple days ago because my mind finally felt like it was in the right spot. I had the best tool and resource to keep my mind in a state of equilibrium.

I took the time and space to reflect on my goals, practice gratitude, and find the best way to plan out my week, so that I could get back to living my ideal life. When I shifted my perspective to focus on gratitude first and made my goals a priority, my whole mood and outlook on life shifted back to what felt normal. This is why I believe the mind holds so much power. A simple perspective shift can move mountains. It can settle all the dust and chaos that was clouding my judgement before. When we take the time to plan, prepare, and lean into activities that strengthen our minds, we give ourselves the chance to show up as the best possible version of ourselves.

We have all the tools we need inside of us with the exception of external resources that enhance our life (journals, planners, blogs, or whatever works for you). We even have the power to heal ourselves and create a completely new way of thinking. Consider how tremendous that is. It’s not accomplished overnight, and it’s an ongoing task, but it is so worth it. We can either harness the power of our minds or let it take control of us. Choose mind over matter, but also remember that they can work together. It’s all about balance. ⚖️

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