Staring at Success

“To me, the model of success is not linear. Success is completing the full circle of yourself.” — Gloria Steinem

Scraps of my Vision Board

I was staring at the remnants of my vision board thinking I was staring at scars. When really, I was staring at success. This was my second vision board I had put together. The original one wasn’t even really a vision board—it was more a “dream” board of things I really wanted that weren’t necessarily realistic because they were either things from the past or things that didn’t make sense with my life. My second version of the vision board was more realistic. It had positive quotes to motivate me, photos of things I knew I could achieve for myself, and my core values. When I was staring at this vision board, I realized I had most of the things on it, and it was time for me to update my vision and draw on a blank canvas because I had 90% of things on the board.

After a lot of thought and reflection, I decided it was time to reflect on what I achieved and also start sketching out my new vision. When I ripped off the photos from my board, it felt cathartic. I didn’t need to look at these images anymore because I already had them. I wanted to rip them off, so I could start fresh. In clearing out the pieces of my vision board, I thought about just how much I had accomplished:

  1. I stopped biting my nails and am taking great care of them. It feels so great to have strong and healthy nails. OPI Nail Envy and Sally Hansen cuticle oil have been game changers and they’ve added some serious strength and nourishment that I’ve never had before.
  2. I bought a house! All of the times I was pinning beautiful kitchens and living room inspiration on my Pinterest board were really manifestations of what I now have.
  3. I started baking new recipes and got savvy in the kitchen. I tried making so many new meals and healthier versions of tasty treats. It’s been a lot of fun and has become a part of my lifestyle now.
  4. I reworked my core values and added more clarity to what my current values are. I also reflected on some values that I knew needed work. They served their purpose in the moment, but it was time for a refresh.
  5. I started feeling more comfortable in my clothes whether I was down to my smallest size or fluctuating in weight (quarantine was hard and we’re all human…being around food all the time was a huge adjustment from being around coffee and candy bars in the office that I didn’t care for buying).
  6. I created my dream office space. No, really. It’s amazing, and even though it doesn’t have my ultimate-dream bookcase with the sliding ladder, it’s still such a great space because I took so much pride in creating it.

Now that it’s time to start thinking about my new vision…it feels freeing to know that I have a whole blank canvas, but it’s also a little intimidating because there are so many possibilities for where my life could go. And I’ve been more sad than usual lately (mostly on and off), so writing about this is really turning things around for me in a positive way.

Some of these things will go into maintenance mode, but I also want to achieve a couple new things on this list. I imagine my new vision looks something like:

  1. Strong nails and healthy, long hair
  2. Regular workouts and movement to build strength and feel good
  3. Do more Pinterest projects and get crafty and artistic. Maybe I’ll bring back my seasonal crafts. Fall is just around the corner…I see autumn-colored crafts in my future.
  4. Write more often—I want to publish a novel, work on more writing projects, and publish more blogs.
  5. I’d love to learn a new language. I was pretty good at Spanish when I was actively learning it in high school, so I’m hoping that’s a solid foundation for Italian or French.
  6. Travel more, go on more weekend trips, and finally get a passport, so I can start getting those stamps.
  7. Focus on self-care. There’s something about writing it down that makes committing to it so much easier. It’s something that’s so easy to put off until it’s too late, and I’m sick of waiting for my body to need it.

I’m so excited to solidify this list and think about my vision for the rest of 2021. One of my best friends has this amazing vision board from Etsy that really inspired me to rethink my board. It’s another thing I can hang on my wall in my dream office…though I’m running out of space. 😅

Stay tuned for the new vision board. As promised, this is my one blog post a month. Setting small, realistic goals is easy. It’s part of the reason why I’m staring at success.

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