Time to Make Changes

“I hope I can be the autumn leaf, who looked at the sky and lived. And when it was time to leave, gracefully it knew life was a gift.” — Dodinsky

Autumn Leaves

Every Fall, I’m reminded of the potential for change in my life. It’s this time of year where I seem to do the most reflecting and reminiscing with the holidays and year-end celebrations around the corner. The one thing I keep thinking about is balance. I’ve let certain things weigh heavier than others and take up more space in my life than necessary. The scales have been off balance for quite some time now. But I’m ready to reassess and make the changes.

With the shift to remote work, I—and the rest of the remote workforce—haven’t been working at home. We’ve been living at work, and it’s hard to maintain certain boundaries when we’re not physically leaving the office. It’s become effortless to work extra hours, complete an additional task, and go into “productive mode” just to move another project off my plate. It’s become incredibly unhealthy and unbalanced, and it’s not the way I want to keep living. Instead, I want to reinstate the boundaries that would’ve applied if I were in the office, such as “leaving the office” on time and taking regular breaks.

This has been the most monumental adjustment for me. It feels like change on a daily basis even though this has been my reality for the past one and a half years. But I’m going to stop focusing on the hard parts and instead work on changing them. I’m going to be better about accepting what comes into my life and finding ways to manage through the change. And when it’s time for those things to leave, I want to move on from them because they’re no longer meant to be in my life. Becoming too attached to processes, routines, and even people make it difficult to move on. They become the thing I dwell on and mourn the loss of. Acceptance is challenging, but it’s a key characteristic of change. And I want to actively make changes, so I can always do what’s best for me.

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